The Katy Lily Series

But before you face the Mazes in Elemental Mazes Year 4/5 of The Katy Lily Series
You must discover The Beginning of Katy Lily’s Journey into her Magical Realm…

Discover The Beginning Of The Magical World For Katy Lily For Free Now!

#Free On #Kindle The First Three Books And Two Companion Novelettes Are Free 09/14-09/18

“Death comes with the Elemental Mazes.”
The Mazes Are Coming…
Senka Is Watching…
Will Katy Make It Out With Her Soul Intact?
Elemental Mazes Year 4/5
Book 4 Of The Katy Lily Series
Coming Soon

Discover A World Filled With Both Joy And Heartache
Discover The Magic Of The Katy Lily Series

Katherine Lillian Fitz only wished for a family. She never imagined her wish would be answered in a most extraordinary way. She finds out she is a witch and she discovers a whole new world to explore. But will it cost her more than she is willing to pay? Will this new world be worth all the pain and heartache it will cause? Only time will tell in this epic journey through her magical realm.

The Katy Lily Series by Katherine Rochholz

Journey with Katy Lily through her world…
Discover the darkness within the light…
And the light within the Darkness…

First 3 books Available Now!

Truth and Lies Past and Present Year 1:
A Nightmare Within A Dream Year 2:
The Veil Lifts Year 3/4:

Plus Available Now:
A Katy Lily Companion Novelette Corruption?

And A Katy Lily Companion Novelette Hunted
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