The Curse Of Medusa

Random WIP:
The Curse of Medusa
All Rights Reserved

This is the true story of Medusa, what you will learn will shock you. But it will also amaze you. Join me as I tell Medusa’s secrets. After all it is a tale of revenge, regret, and a journey towards redemption.

Medusa started out as any young woman; she met who she thought was the love of her existence. But as with most people, she soon found out first loves rarely last. The broken-hearted Medusa went to the gods and begged them for vengeance against the man who hurt her. They came back with a very catch 22 type of offer. She could gain her revenge if she lived with a curse. She accepted. Will she be able to live with the price of her revenge? Will she ever gain redemption and freedom from her curse?

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