Mirror Mirror

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Mirror Mirror
Fairy Tales of Horror

Everybody Knows The Stories… Snow White… Sleeping Beauty… Cinderella… The Beauty and the Beast… Red Riding Hood… Goldilocks… Peter Pan… But What If The Truth Was A Lot Darker? What If The Truth Was Horrifying… What If What We Know Is Wrong? Discover The Truths In Mirror Mirror Fairy Tales Of Horror!

It includes:

The True Story of Snow White

I was full of love for the man who I could never have… so I trapped him forever in my mirror. Put a spell on him to make him always tell the truth, with him I trapped my heart and soul. With him, I trapped all that was good inside of me. This is I feel is the reason I did what I did. I think it is time for the true story of Snow White to be known. After all, in the end, I ended up the winner… Death was my reward.

The Undead Beauty:

“Briar Rose shall prick her finger on a spinning wheel on her eighteenth birthday. That prick shall stop her heart from beating, bringing about the curse I have placed upon her.” 

And Many Others!! 

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