The Seasons Goddess Novels

Another New Series Outlined for Release when I get them done and edited!
The Seasons Goddess Novels!

All Rights Reserved

4 Seasons
4 Goddesses
4 Stories
Will They Find Love and Redemption?


I have always been jealous of my sisters. They all know of love. And I have always been one to assist with power. I am after all the goddess of power and protection. Protect the family. Provide for the family. I have become bitter. I have caused much heartache for the mortals. Natural disasters. Disease. Heartache. All in my bitterness. Things I cannot undo. But as my punishment I am now sent to live as a mortal. Will the answer to my happiness lay within this mortal life I am forced to live? Or will my bitterness destroy me once and for all?


I look at my land that I have given birth to. They call me Spring. New life. But also the goddess of Rebirth. I help my people find their way through the barren lands of death to paradise to spend an eternity or to be reborn. I have never once wanted a mortal life. Happy to give life and lead them to their just awards. But then one soul came and fought me. He wanted to go back. He was a young warrior who wanted revenge for his father and mother’s murders. I made him a deal. If he could make me want to become a mortal than I shall return him to life. I never thought I would face temptation so great… Will I resist or will I finally know what it is to live a mortal life and have a pure love?


I have been in lust many times. I have lived many a mortal lives. Father now has forbidden me from living a life of lust and has sent me to the mortal realm to find true love. If I die without finding it I shall never again sit upon my throne as the goddess of love and reproduction. Instead he shall arrange a marriage for me and I shall produce a daughter to take my throne. I have been sent down to Earth as a mortal with my memories but none of my powers. Will I be able to find love or will I fall to the curse of my foremothers?


I long for beginnings. I always see the end. I help the passing of souls as the goddess of Death. I worked well with my sister Spring. But I long to be a part of a beginning. A once upon a time. Not a they lived happily, or unhappily, ever after. I went to our father and cried to him about the injustice of my existence. He took me in his arms and held me as he told me that I would have my Once Upon a Time. I was then sent to live amongst the mortals. My mission is to live my Once Upon a Time to my Happily Ever After. If I fail then I will be dethroned as the Goddess of Death and lose all my powers and knowledge of who my soul truly was and become forever a mortal stuck in a reincarnation loop of despair. Will my Once Upon A Time lead to my Happily Ever After or will I destroy my soul?

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