The Pin of History Masters of The Katy Lily Series

The Pin of History Masters of The Katy Lily Series

History- Book Pin

A book is a physical object, yet it also signifies something abstract, the words and the meanings living within it. At one level a book takes on the imprint of its author and its readers. Books contain the presence of many readers. Yet, more than other objects, a book is felt to embody not only a physical memory but also a record of past thoughts. The book contains both its reader and its author. Milton’s stated books ‘contain a potency of life in them’. The book achieves a further mystery, of transforming what appears to be purely immaterial and conceptual into something with a concrete form. It is therefore not entirely extravagant for Milton to claim that a book possesses ‘a life beyond life’. Destroying a book, then, Milton says, is like an act of homicide—indeed it is worse than that, since a book encloses the life of more than one person and exists in more than one time. Paradoxically, regardless of the material survival of a physical copy or artifact, a book is something immortal and imperishable. Because of this History Masters choose to use the Book, a simple but complex symbol, for their pin.

Bridgett’s School For The Magical Arts History Masters:

Gary Tuchman : Years 1-5
Taylor Thurman: Years 1-5
Thomas Sullivan: Years 6-7
Michelle Jameson: Years 8-9
Jon Hancock: Year 10

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