Opening Lines of The Katy Lily Series Books

Opening Lines of each Katy Lily Book:
Truth and Lies Past and Present: A young child looked at the items in the store, she wished she had a family who loved and cared for her.
A Nightmare Within A Dream: Katy walked through the door, and dragged Riley behind her.

The Veil Lifts: Back at the Hepburn house, Katy and Gaivan shut themselves into Gaivan’s room and went through every single piece of paper, every scrap, of what was in Edgar’s file on Katy.

Elemental Mazes: Death comes with the Elemental Mazes.

Falling Pieces: Katy was at another funeral, this time it was her fault.

Dark Shadows: ‘I was once told I am only human; but am I?’

Pure Shadow: In the end there will only be death.

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