Shades of Fear

Random WIP Excerpt: Shades of Fear
All Rights Reserved

He watched a woman have a dizzy spell the greys she normally was blinking in and out of color. He held his breath. When she straightened and remained colorless he let out his breath in relief. The demon wasn’t able to take hold. He knew of people having dizzy spells and until he was taken by the Κυνηγοί της Δαίμονες or Kynigoí tis Daímones it is Greek for Hunters of Demons, And told what he was, that he was of a prestigious bloodline from his father, who was his trainer and he didn’t know how he felt about that, he found out dizzy spells was a sign of a demon trying to take over a body. Sometimes they won sometimes they lost. If the body is taken over the body dies and thus he was supposed to destroy them. He took a deep breath and let out a sigh. He was 16. Sixteen years old and now he was a member of the Κυνηγοί της Δαίμονας. He sighed again as he put his silver blade back into his holder and continued his first hunt.

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