Subconscious Confessions

Random WIP excerpt:
Subconscious Confessions
All Rights Reserved

A young woman looked up to the sky as she lay back on the roof of the foster house. This one was good. The woman actually seemed to care about the kids here. She heard the window and looked back. The new kid. He was here until they were able to place him. “Uhh… I forget your name” she stated. As she looked at him. Like her he was sixteen, but that is where any similarities ended. Where her skin was pale as all hell, and didn’t that just upset her to the extremes she could not get the tan she craved, his was as dark as the dark chocolate that she loved. It brought up the memories of the past. She closed her eyes hard against the onslaught of the pain associated with them. Why she was here in this foster home. And why she stared at wonder at the stars every night.
“Name’s Leon. You are Jamie right?”
At her nod he sat down. “So what do you dream of when you watch the stars?”
Jamie looked at Leon and for some reason she told him the truth.

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