An Unholy Creation Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten
I was about to knock when I stopped and just looked at the door.  After I did what I did how could I be worth them?  I was about to walk away when Marcus came up behind me.  “Just coming home Marcus?”  I asked.
“I could ask the same of you, or where you just leaving?”
“Come on in, I am sure dad has something to eat ready.”
“I don’t know if I should…”
“You did something didn’t you?  You are acting strangely.”
“Yes, but it does not concern you.”
“It was the witches, wasn’t it?  I overheard you and dad talking about them.”
“Hmmm….”  I really didn’t know what to say.
“You did what you needed to do is all.  Don’t feel too bad.”  Marcus went and opened the door.  “Come on in, dad will be wanting to see both of us.”
I sighed but followed him in.  “I don’t know I am sure your father is quite mad at me.”
“There you two are!  Marcus, I thought you were going to stay over at Chris’s?”  Theodore asked as we walked into the living room.
“I am.  I just came home to eat something and grab a few games then back over to Chris’s.”  Marcus said walking into to the kitchen.  He left us alone, but before we could say anything he was walking out of the kitchen with a bag of sandwiches and both Theodore and I watched as he walked upstairs and come running back down with his backpack.  “Well see you later.”  He yelled as he walked out of the door.
I looked at Theodore, and he had some clear images coming though, but I knew we would have to talk.  “Theodore…”
“Look, let’s go sit down and talk.”  He came up and grabbed my hand and his smell, which hit me like a ton a bricks when I walked in just threw me though a loop, and at the moment I knew I should have hunted after the battle. 
“Yessss…” it came out as a hiss.  I could feel my fangs descend and it took every ounce of my willpower not to go for his blood, and I was afraid I was going to lose.  “Theodore…”  My voice was weak and my words coming out in a hiss.
He turned to look at me.  “Kat, what is wrong?”  I could see the image of myself in his head.  My fangs out, I was starting to crouch, and my pupils were just slits in a field of a dark pink color.
“Too close… back away…”  I tried to get out that he needed to put some distance between us.
Instead he started to come closer; he tried to pull me into his arms.  “Kat, is this about the witches?”
“Nooo…”  I was weakening, I knew if I went into his arms it would be a millisecond before my teeth were in his neck.  And I didn’t want to fight it, so I didn’t.  As soon as I allowed myself to fall into his arms, I turned my head, my teeth scraping his neck.  I took the opportunity to bite him.
The first drops were so perfect, the taste was better than the smell.  I wasn’t going to be able to stop, and then his voice penetrated my mind.  “Kat…”
I pushed him away but I knew I had gone too far.  I never planned to turn him tonight.  But I took a bite from my wrist and stuck it to his mouth.  “Drink.”  I knew as soon he did because I felt the burn through his thoughts.  And I just held him.  It took forty five minutes for the burn to kill him.  And now I knew the three day wait as upon us.  And I didn’t know how to tell Marcus.  But I knew we would have to leave before the three days were up.
I sat up all night holding Theodore.  It was almost noon when Marcus came back, my eyes a bright red from turning Theodore.  “Marcus…”
“Wow, I didn’t know he would actually talk you into doing it so soon.”  He said with only some surprise.  “But he said he had a plan.”
“A plan?”  I was thrown; he planned to trick me in to turning him?  I was so confused.  “He was going to trick me into turning him sooner than I was ready to?”
“I don’t know if he was going to trick you, but he said he had a plan.”  Marcus stated.
“Marcus I am going to sign you up for the dorms and get you moved in there tomorrow, I will have to take your father from here before he wakes up.”  I was mad but I had more sensible things to take care of at the time.
“Okay, I will go up and start packing.”  Marcus stated running up the stairs. 
I watched after him, and then back down at Theodore, and since I couldn’t read his mind, I checked his body for any signs that he was going to trick me.  I thought there was nothing until I check his fingers; he had poked one of them with what looks like a needle.  That was why his blood smelled so strong when he took my hand.  I was mad at him and then I was furious at him.  What if I hadn’t been able to stop?  What if I had killed him?  Didn’t he stop and think?
“Kat, do you want me to stay at Chris’s tonight?”  Marcus asked as he came down the stairs.
“Only if you want to, I am not going to tell you to stay here, or to go.”  I wanted him to stay a bit to talk, but I knew that he wanted to go; he didn’t want to see his father like this, dead.
“If you don’t mind I will go back to Chris’s.”
“That is fine; I will be doing some preparing tonight anyway, lots of paper work to forge.”
“Thanks!  See you tomorrow.”  Marcus said grabbing his backpack and running out the door.
As soon as he left, I picked up Theodore and placed him in his bedroom.  I looked around the house to find the office and found it down in the basement.  Within a couple of hours I had forged Theodore’s letter of resignation, penned  mine and got Marcus’s housing arrangements taken care of.  Of course for Marcus’s housing arrangements I had to break into the main office and put the paper work on file, and assign him a room.  I assigned him a room to himself and paid his tuition and room and board for the next two years.  Which if you were a human would be a nice little hunk of change.
The next day was in a blur, I took Marcus and made sure he was moved in and okay with everything.  Of course that took a bit of time, as he was experimenting with blocking his thoughts.  He was getting really good; of course his soul had a few millenniums of practice.  “Now if you need me you know your father’s cell number.  I will not bring your father around for a while, at least until he has his blood lust under control, which can be awhile.”
“That is okay two more years of school not really that big of deal.  I can handle it, I have thought about it and you are right it better that I wait until I am older.”  Marcus stated.
“Now please don’t leave the school grounds, I got you this private room so that way Chris can hang here.  I have protections around this whole town, but it doesn’t make the town safe.  The only real safe place right now is the school and your dorm.”
“Okay, I get it.  Where are you going?”
“It is better you not know.”
“I don’t want you coming there, even for an emergency.  If other vampires show up you will know, I want you to run here.  This is an extension of your home, thus they cannot enter without an invitation.”
“Okay.  But they are faster than me right?”
“They won’t be on the school and by the time they figure you out you will be back here, if by chance they figure a way to break the spells surrounding the school.”  After that we didn’t talk much, I finished helping him unpack then I left and went back to the house.
I walked into the house, and it was so cold and dark.  It was still a couple of hours before dark, so I had to wait to move Theodore.  Which gave me time to forge some papers so the plane will take the casket; we were going to the Amazon.  There was a lot of sun, but less people and a lot of wildlife for Theodore to hunt.  And at least for the first year that would be all he wanted.  Which upset a part of me; already his sweet blood was giving way for his new vampire smell.  Which in itself was tempting, but instead of awaking the monster in me, it was continuing to wake up the humanity of being a woman in me.
Once darkness had it, I had Theodore transferred into the coffin, and picked up by the local funeral home for transportation to the airport.  “Thank you so much.”  I was saying to the funeral director as they loaded the coffin into the hearse.  I was playing the part of the widow, so I was dressed as such.  The black dress was popping against my skin and my hat with vial was hiding that I was not actually crying.
“We thank you for choosing us in your time of grief.”  The funeral director had enough instinct to shy away from me.
“I shall meet you at the plane.”  I stated and walked to my car.  I drove to the airport, knowing that Theodore was on his second death night, and I only had tomorrow to get the house set up, I never thought I would have live in a house without windows again.

Once at the airport I made sure the coffin was loaded into the plane, I went and checked in and settled into my first class seat, and pretended to sleep.  What I was really doing was listening for any type of sign that Theodore was awaking earlier.  Ninety nine percent of us vampires are dead for three nights and awake on the forth, some awaken on the second night or even the third, that is why any that you turn must be watched.  We can’t leave them alone for they wouldn’t know how to behave and would turn wild

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