An Unholy Killer Chapter Three

Later that early morning an undercover FBI agent is on the road talking to a pro “you see anything strange going on around here?”

“Ya going to have to be more specific then that sweetie this place is always strange.”

“I hear a psycho is on the loose.”

“Nah just some johns is killing dumb newbies he is a mystery though and I am to smart to get into a car with no name.

“You said johns?”

“Yeah more then 1 one black car no plates one blue car no plates and the 1st one was a white mini van MN plates.”

“You have a good memory.”

“Yep know which johns pay good which to avoid.”

“You see the drivers?”

“Nah, really covers up well, the person was small would say it was a woman but picking up one of us is not a woman’s style plus no hair from the hoodie, woman can’t hide, this person can, so all thems was a male. Could have been the same man but different cars there were different places of death.”

“You said 3?”

“Yep cops don’t act as quick as word spread here.”

“You call the cops or give a statement?”

“Nah cops don’t listen to us, think we stupid or something its just no easier way to make money so we can live.”

“You could save a life.’

“Not mine but whatever you game or not john?”

“Not, but thank you for the info I am look out for my sister she works the streets I just wanted to make sure she is safe.” The agent hands the pro 100 dollars.”

“She new?” The pro asks taking the money. “New girls are not safe they make many mistakes.’

“No she has been here three years now, won’t come home but since new are the targets I am satisfied for now.” The pro walks from him and back to the corner. The agent drives off back to head quarters. Thank full he didn’t have to blow his cover but he calls in the lead that a third death may have happened.

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