An Unholy Creation Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Marcus and Christopher did not think of much just the normal teenage boy things, and that was some boring things, so I just sat in my seat in the back turning around my own thoughts on how to bring myself into their lives. The bell rang and off to lunch we went. I went and grabbed my drink from my locker and went and sat at my table before most people left the class room, I don’t sit with the staff, they don’t feel comfortable, so I agreed to sit down watching the students. They didn’t see me they didn’t care. Nobody sits next to me, I am the strange one. I check people’s thoughts to make sure they are not thinking that I am anything but human; they always wonder why I don’t eat. My drink is a synthetic blood I created for when I am around people. Mostly it helps me deal with the sun, but real blood is needed or I become a slave to my hungers, and I can’t afford to fail in my choice. I can eat but choose not to have the pain of my body rejecting the food. I will eat when I must, but my body rejects the food, and I am weakened and in pain for about twenty four hours afterward, normally I tell people something didn’t sit right with me. I hunt animals in the area mostly. I was watching for them when they came in, the each grabbed what they wanted and looked around for a place to sit. Theodore walking in distracted me for a moment and when I focused myself I noticed Marcus and Christopher walking toward my table.

“May we sit with you?” Marcus asked, standing behind a chair at my table.

“Of course, please have a seat.” I told them waving my wand in front of the chairs and they sat down.

“Don’t you eat anything?” Christopher was asking.

“Tomato soup, I like to drink it out of my thermos. I am Kat by the way.” Of course most days the thermos is just a prop, I use it only on sunny days. I really only drink the synthetic blood once a week, it really doesn’t have an effect on my cravings.

“I am Marcus and this is Chris.” Marcus said. “Where are you from?”

“Many places, I am a military brat.” Not true but it would explain why I was in a boarding school when I was younger with no parents, so I use it as my back story, then and now. “When my mother passed away my father sent me here for boarding school here. I am now a student teacher. I never thought I would like it in Alaska but it grows one you.” I put my plan in action trying to bond with Marcus, it is true my mother dead but that was almost six thousand years ago, she died when I was a child, during childbirth with my youngest sibling who also passed away. “Where are you from?”

“I am from here, born and raised.” Chris stated. “My parents just like the school here.”

“I am from New York City; my dad took the English job here when my mother passed away during the summer.”

“I am sorry to hear that, it is hard to lose ones mother.”

“What class do you want to teach?” Chris asked changing the subject. But before I could answer Theodore came over to our table. He distracts me and that is bad. And his blood is so tempting it is all I can do not to breathe while he is around.

“How is everything going over here?”

“Great, dad” Marcus said looking embarrassed. I could read Theodore’s thoughts, and he had heard about me in the staff lunch room how I was a little off, how on the sunny weekends I always stayed in, how I was a student teacher who always looked a little to bored, how I was friends with none of the staff. He kind of wanted Marcus to stay away from me, Chris knew of me, but he never really thought about sitting at the table until Marcus suggested it.

“I was just getting up to leave.” I finished my drink, and got up. “Maybe I will see you guys later.” With that I left, I stood outside the lunch room, listening to their conversation.

“Marcus, I hear she is strange didn’t Chris tell you that as well.”

“I did Mr. S.” Chris said.

“I don’t care she seems cool, she would make a good friend, and you told me to make my own judgments and not follow a crowd.” Marcus was really angry at his dad, he thinks there is something about me that is familiar, family like, and he just can’t make the connection.

“Mr. S, she really doesn’t do much but go to, watch over, and teach some of the classes then goes and watches over the study hall, and then she retreats to her dorm room, where she keeps an eye on the freshman. She is a little strange, and she only gives vague info about her family.”

“Well you two better go off to your next class.” With that Theodore left and walked back to the teacher’s lounge. With that I left to go to my locker and my next class. 

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