An Unholy Killer Chapter One

Ch. 1

The next morning… “Good Morning Las Vegas! You are listening to…” The radio snooze button is pushed and four 7 year olds run in to the bedroom.

“Mom Mom Mom Mom.”

“What?!” The young woman is now alert.

“There is a story on the news that there is a psycho killer on the loose in Las Vegas!”

“Are we safe?” They youn woman’s child is asking. The mother gets up and lifts them off the bed.

“Of course you all are I would never let anything happen to you four now get ready to go to school.” The children hug there mom and then run out of the room to the living room where the sit down in front of the television. In the bedroom the phone rings.

“Hello, Anderson household.” this young woman had gone back to her maiden name and changed her children’s last name to Anderson as well.

“Jennifer Anderson, turn on the news.” the person on the other end tells her.

“Let me guess, Amanda, there is a new killer on the loose, my 7 year old children came in running this morning worried about their safety.”

“Yeah, but Jenni, this man is sick.”

“He couldn’t have killed over 2, I haven’t been notified, but what is the situation?”

“This is the 2nd killing I guess and the victims are prostitutes.”

“Go on.”

“Well this guy is picking them up taking them to abandoned fields and killing them after he has them undress.”


“The first murder was last week, stabbed multiple times from behind and the same with the second victim.”

“Any leads on a suspect?”

“Not that the newspaper has been made aware of. But the boss down here wants to link to a Jack the Ripper copycat, and use the headline The Ripper Reincarnated.”

“Nice but Jack’s first victim was never actually linked to him, so Jack only killed five woman cutting them up and mutilating them.”

“True, but maybe he wants to double the number.”

“The serial killer, who the copy cat admires, had a ritual and the copy cat will usually do it by the book and don’t vary.”

“Yeah, yeah miss FBI serial killer profiler rain on my fun.”

“If you do go with that lead let me know what happens that gives tell tale signs.”

“I’ll be sure to let you know, talk to you later.”

“Later, Amanda.” With that Jenni hung up the phone and yelled out to her kids “You dressed?”

“Yes Mom” she heard 4 voices yell back to here.

She gets up and puts on her robe and makes her way to the kitchen glancing at the clock by her bed, it is six thirty in the morning and to early to be up on a Thursday, but her 4 children get up even earlier for the cartoons. As she gets things ready for breakfast she can’t help but remember that her life changed with one phone call from Amanda telling her to turn on the news, it was a different death different. Her husband was holding a press conference and had publicly asked for a divorce in a way. He was confessing to hiring prostitutes and he had contracted HIV though a threesome. He was confessing to hiring both male and female ‘escorts’ was the word he used. She is fine that was three years ago now and many HIV tests later, they are still negative and she thanks God everyday that her and her children are fine. Here ex husband was never the same he was the mayor of Las Vegas and had a huge political career ahead of him, which was destroyed with his confession. She thought about going back home to Adair, that is in Iowa, back to here daddy’s farm. She had bought it for him about 8 years ago before her children were born, and her dad would welcome her and her children back with open arms, but there are not many serial killers in Adair, and she works for the FBI profiling team specializing in serial killers, she travels a lot but not so much from Las Vegas, that is why she stays. She also teaches some times at the local high school, history, so that way when she is taking a mind break she has something to do when the kids are at school. But mostly she works from home on her cases. Now what got Jenni into this line of work, well her family was not the normal type of family they are a weird bunch, they loved to watch true crime shows, especially about unsolved murders, so she would follow up use as much information as she could get and solved many crimes before being trained by the FBI to do so. Well what happened was the FBI tracked these anonymous tips that turned out right all the time and came knocking at her daddy’s front door. They sat down and asked a million questions for hours, before deciding to pull her from school, get her a GED and stick her in the profiling class at the FBI head quarters. Two years later she was the best in here field and she went to college mostly on-line but sometimes in class Political Science and History major with a secondary education certificate. She met her husband Richard Armstrong, he was a law student and 27 she was 18. He had gotten his masters in Political Science and then was finishing up law school, it was a crazy courtship. They married within 6 months of knowing each other. She was working for the FBI and he was setting up his political career and soon won a mayoral election right out of law school. She bought her dad his farm back and within a year she was pregnant and had four children, Agnes Bridget, Christopher Ross, Evelyn Rae and John Lee. After the children started to go to school at the age of 3 she started teaching part time so as not to be alone all the time with her work. Then 3 years ago the bomb was dropped on her. Her husband of 6 years was admitting to affairs with both women and men! And that he had HIV. She was floored he did that across national television. They were asking him were she was. She was at home in her kitchen watching the television with Amanda on the other end of the phone, she was in shock. She first went to a doctor and had blood drawn from there she got the best divorce lawyer in town, there was no way that man would get anything of hers or her children. Her dad flew out and stood by her side for the year and half of hell. She won, she got full custody of the children, the reason being certain underage prostitutes came forward and he lost all rights. Her children did not know why she was mad at their father but they were so young when going though the divorce. She changed her and her children’s’ last names back to Anderson. Now her kids watch the news every morning- case in point new killer. Not yet defined as a serial killer unless of course there has been 1 other linked. But if there was she would have received a call for a profile as soon as the third body had been found.

“Mom, we want pancakes.” Evelyn states.

“You do?”

“Yes, Yes” I hear Chris and John agree.

“How about you Ag?” She just nods her head in agreement, that is her quiet child.

“Well okay thank I will make some really quick we wouldn’t want you for late for the bus today.” She starts cooking while they go back to watching their cartoons, she is thinking about the day ahead as she sets the places and starts serving up pancakes. “Kids come and get it.” She has to go down to the main headquarters today and her children only have today and tomorrow before being let out for Christmas break. She sits and eats with her children just watching them she doesn’t get to much time, they finish and do a mad dash to the door all four could be heard yelling “bye mom” down the hall. She gets the dishes and washes them and puts them away and turns to her room to prepare for the day.

An hour later she walked into the FBI Las Vegas head quarters signed in walked right over to the door with a huge restricted sign on it and swiped her ID card gaining access and here boss was right inside waiting for her to show up.

“Jennifer, we have a problem” he was telling her as they walked to the conference room once in the conference room.

Jennifer asked ” with what a new serial killer or one of our 39 actives?”



“Remember that profile you made for your final – the scorned female.”

“Our fake profiles we needed to do, yeah why? I mean how could we forget that , praise from the professors and shit from the guys in the class, they at least choose males or copy cats or the normal typical serial killer, but I made up a woman, not typical out of the ordinary very extreme and will probably never see in this life.” Jennifer and her boss are Mike are sitting at a conference table, talking so nobody can hear.

“Wrong, someone has your profile or had to have at least read it, they are coping it, to perfection.”


“Okay we think that it is a male that is killing the victims, the victims are actually getting into the car- they are pros.”

“Just as in my profile, well make fake profile. I mean the killer could be a female, homosexual or even bisexual, are the killings after a sexual act?”

“Not that we know of there was no sign of entry and the doc found nothing on the bodies to suggest sex within hours of being killed, most likely the first customer of the night.”

“Any undercover cops in the area?”

“Yeah, I may have the fielders ask the people on their corners.”

“You may want to pull them and send the johns, we don’t want our agents killed if there is a psycho on the loose.”

“Good point as soon as the third body is found which should be tonight I want a profile and get yours out, we need to go over both with a fine tooth comb, and keep this between only the team.”

As she walked from the conference room to her office she could see Mike’s wheels turning in his head. He was right of course when he said it was most likely a male killer, but who knows how many people had access to her grad project. She went home soon after checking her email and putting in an appearance, she waited for her children to come home cooked supper and helped them with their home work and put them to bed, but this issue was still on the back of her mind. It kept her up all night, that she was able to pull the finish product from her file (there are 2 copies one at the library in the FBI and hers) and starting the new profile.

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