An Unholy Killer Prologue

Copyright 2002 Katherine Rochholz

Waterloo, IA

Publisher’s Note

All rights reserved as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976. No portion of this book may be reproduced by any means, mechanical, electronic, or otherwise, without first obtaining the permission of the copyright holder.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons living or dead (unless explicitly noted) is merely coincidental

An Unholy Killer


A car pulls up and the door opens, the young women of ill repute gets in. There is a figure driving, their hood is up the woman can’t see the strangers face, they pull off the road after about 45 minutes, the car the woman notices is an old beater, black with no license plate but she still got in now she is wondering if it was a good idea. “Okay for full service it will be 250 dollars” the woman tells the figure. There is no response instead the figure gets out and comes around to open the door, the young woman gets out and follows the figure and says “okay it can be done here.” She is about 100 yards from the car now and notices that nobody is around if she didn’t need the money she would never have been out here, but she undresses and waits. The figure walks behind her and she heard a rustle of paper then felt a searing pain she is stabbed in the back and she screams but nobody can hear her here, she is so far away from life, she is being stabbed over and over she only hears the figure counting, wishing she had never got in the car was her last thoughts and the last thing she heard was 57… And her own scream though out the night air, which was cold so cold even though the temperature was 85 degrees. The figure walks back to the car and strips down and puts all the cloths in the back then walks over to the river and washes its hands and then walks back to the car and opens the trunk takes out a bag putting the other in and gets dressed with the clothes inside of this second bag. The figure then gets into the car and drives away, and drives for about 30 minutes and pulls to the side of the rode takes the bag of clothes out of the trunk and throws it into the bin where the homeless men are sitting, then throws in a bottle worth of lighter fluid then throws the bottle in then lights a match and throws it in. The figure then wipes down the car then throws the keys leaving it unlocked and the doors open, and then the figure walks away. About an hour later the figure would be seen getting into a car parked at a local store but nobody was around to see the figure enter into a 4 door Pontiac grand prix. This trip took 2 hours and 55 minutes, the figure is getting better, and the last trip took an hour longer. Now for her to find her surprise.

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