A Preview of My WIP Overthrow: Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved

He looked at the computer systems. They were more advanced than he had worked with before, but he had to do this. This Lord of Utopia was nothing but a crazy totalitarian. After the bombs had gone off the world was thrown into darkness and rebellions broke out. Many ‘leaders’ took over and divided the land up around the world. He had only been four when it happened. The world had to start over with technology at that point; but only the leaders had control over it. It used to be everybody had a car, a house, a phone, a television, and a computer. Now one was trained at birth for a specific job, he was chosen to be a computer technician. One could learn anything they wanted but could only do the job they were officially trained for from birth. Of course he is still in training and not fully trusted as he only eighteen and has not put his four years in with the local military. He flicked his eyes back and forth as he tried to copy the documents. He had joined an underground union and they made him their spy. He swallowed. Being caught meant death for treason. But this leader had to be overthrown. He could not get past the next file. The alarm started. His heart jumped up in his throat, and then he settled as it was only the alarm to signal the leader wanting to make a speech. He made the way to the court yard. Everybody had twenty minutes to make their way there from their place in the building or to turn on their radios or televisions to listen in, it was mandatory. He walked into a debate.
“Come on! Just because with the medical advancements and mutations men can have babies with me does not mean that is right!” Yelled one of people.
A woman who was dressed in a suit was walking down to him. “And why is that Chang?”
“It is wrong!” Chang yelled. “It will cause more mutations!”
“And any mutations or issues with children can happen to anybody. Do you know everything about your chromosomes? I mean you could have a mutated child with your all so proper wife.” She smirked.
“What are you a doctor?”
“Specialized in Genetics.” She smirked. And he knew she was lying. He could always tell when somebody lied.
“Shut up woman.” Chang yelled.
She smirked and moved over and sat down. “Poor baby teacher got told.”
He moved over to sit next to her. “Jared Colt.” He introduced himself. “Computer tech.”
“Ginny Collins. Lawyer, Defense.”
“You said…”
“I am obsessed with medical, especially genetics. If I hadn’t been spotted for a lawyer I would have chosen to be a doctor specializing in genetics and neonatal.” She smiled. “My other obsession is computers. Anyways I feel you need help. I can help you.” She smiled and took his hand and he could feel something pressed into it.
He looked down at his hand to see the symbol of the illegal union. It was the peace symbol of the 1960’s, he believed, but it was mixed with an A that went outside of the circle. The old Anarchy symbol, he believed. Peace and Anarchy. Rebellion for a better world. For peace. Ironic, he thought.

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