The Veil Lifts

The Veil Shall Lift To Show The Truth… But Is She Prepared For It?
The Veil Lifts Year 3/4
The Katy Lily Series
Katherine Lillian Fitz: Goodness.
Are they one in the same? The magical world seems to be convinced. Katy holds onto a shadow of a doubt as it would mean the person she had once loved the most, the person who loved her as a child, the person who was once all she hand, the person that she mourned for five years, that her mother would be her greatest enemy…
But before she can deal with the White Being that still tempts her, before dealing with her mother who may or may not be alive, she has to deal with a much more serious situation… Not only has her Aunt Aaliyah broken out from Ghastly, the main Witch’s Prison and Katy Lily determined to find a way to prove her innocence no matter the cost…
But Katy has a growing Darkness inside of her… A Darkness that threatens to overwhelm and consume her and worst of all… two people blood related are encouraging her to harness this Darkness and use it… What will happen? Will Katy Lily find her way from the Darkness back into the light or when The Veil Lifts will all be forever lost?
Journey With Katy Lily Through Her World.
Discover The Darkness Within The Light.
And The Light Within The Darkness.
Discover the World of Katy Lily
In the Katy Lily Series
By Author Katherine Rochholz

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