Dear Diary…

Copyright 2015 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved
Dear Diary… Coming Soon!

I could hear the buzzing of the voices around me. I knew something was wrong with what I was hearing. But I couldn’t figure out what. What was the problem with the buzzing? I pushed out with my senses. The dairy. I hear them talking about the dairy I left them when… When I killed myself. I look at the cloaked man in front of me. “What happens now?”
He smirks. “You my dear little reaper, get to be under my rule.  You will read teen dairies and point their parents into saving them. Where yours failed you.” He paused. “You dear Raven will be my messenger to help prevent needless death.” he pressed his hand upon my wrists where I could still see the slits from where I had cut myself. I felt a burn and I looked down to see two small ravens. “My dear Harbringer… Enjoy.” He snapped his fingers and I found myself sitting in a room much like my old bedroom with shelves full of dairies. It takes me a few hours to wrap my heard around my fate. I sigh and pick up the first one.
‘Dear Diary…’

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