Exceprt Seven Deadly Sins



“Yeah. Look, I can take care of Wrath…” I never got to finish my sentence as Wrath broke through my window. I immediately went into fighting mode, as did Careia, but I pushed her behind me.
“You lost last time, Catherine. Why are you trying again?”
“I will not lose this time. And, Satan, you belong in hell.”
“Ooo… Scary. I am shaking in my boots.” Wrath launched himself at me.
But I was prepared, and pushed him back. We both went through the window, falling to the ground. I hoped that nobody was below us; it was too late to take back my actions. We crashed to the ground. “Satan, can’t we do this the easy way?”
“No, I am going to finally kill you. You will die a Guardian’s true death!”
“I don’t think so. This time you will not win against me. I will not be going to hell today, but you will be.” I told him calmly as I prepared to attack.
“I don’t think so mutt!” Wrath screamed at me and jumped at me.
Of course I fought back. I matched him hit for hit. I heard him summon the horseman and the Devil’s Lap Dogs. “You think he will be able to help you this time? I am not that green Guardian anymore who let feelings and emotions rule her. I am the very being that monsters fear! You are a thing that bumps in the night; and I am a monster who bumps back!”
“You won’t win; your soul will go to limbo for eternity!” Wrath stated as the horseman came into sight.
“Yes I will.” I took a knife from my side and aimed right for the horseman’s core and threw my knife with everything I had. I watched as the horseman exploded in a ball of flames, and I watched as James and my boys pulled up. I knew they would fight. “The Devil’s Lap Dogs, take them out! You need to aim for the heart!” I yelled as Wrath picked me up and threw me as far as he could, which is pretty far.
The back and forth with me and Wrath seemed to go on for hours. Somehow we ended up in front of a baseball diamond. I knew there were people in there, but I had to end this, and I had to get him away from the crowd. But before I could do anything he attacked, and I acted out of pure instinct, as I transformed into my Gray Wolf/Demon persona.
I threw him through the diamond right onto the field. I walked in like I owned the place; I went to him picking him up by the collar. I realized the National Anthem was being sang, the shock was evident on the singer’s face. But I held Wrath still as he finished. After the song finished I turned to the singer, “thank you.” I threw Wrath over the wall, and followed him over the wall.
“You will pay for that, Catherine.” Wrath sneered at me, as he picked himself up off the ground.
“Maybe, but not tonight.” I pulled my sword from my back, as I transformed back into myself. Finally I was calm.
“You need your demonic strength to bring me down!” Wrath said as he stood up, and transformed into his true self.
“No, no I don’t.” I said with a smile, as my husband’s arrow hit Wrath square in the back, piercing his heart. “I don’t need to be demonic to beat you because I have a family… I have love.” I said as Wrath turned to dust.

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