Excerpt The Veil Lifts Copyright 1993 All Rights Reserved

A lovely Excerpt for you!

            The distraction of Edgar being arrested gave Gaivan and Katy the chance to teleport away.  They teleported off the plane and landed in New York City.  It took a moment for Katy to get where they were.  She smirked.  It was like she never left.  Now all she had to was pretend that she did not start over.  Did not start over again.  She may be a bit over her head but she had Gaivan to protect.  An aunt to warn and Gaivan’s dad to save.  She had to save all their very souls.  She couldn’t believe she let her anger overcome her and yelled at Edgar in a public place about her aunt.  She had to find Aaliyah.  Had to warn her they were going to go for Rob next.  All because of her anger at Edgar, who was only doing his job.  She quickly got her bearings and knew the perfect place to regroup.  “Gaivan follow my lead.  After all I lived on these streets, now I just have to pretend I did not leave this behind start a new life.”  She stated as she started to lead them to the library.  Katy walked a bit and saw their reflections in the mirror.  Now these clothes wouldn’t do at all.  She saw the homeless shelter.  She grabbed Gaivan’s hand and jumped in.  She saw a couple of kids their size with their mother and smirked.  She quickly grabbed some of her mundane cash out of her wallet and then went up.  “Excuse me.  How much for your clothes?  I would give you mine instead?”
            The mother looked at them.  “Why?”
            “Because we don’t have a parent and the last shelter gave us these and they kind of stick out.”
            The mother’s eyes turned tender.  “Oh I understand dears.  Let’s get the clothes changed out.  You are right having clothes like these will make you a target.”
            Thirty minutes later Gaivan was making a face and Katy was leading them to the library.  They did not have a lot of time.  After all Katy knew Edgar’s former partner S.J. would be looking for them.  “Call your mother Gaivan.”
            Gaivan looked at her and picked up the phone at one of the only phone booths ever, Katy had ditched their cell phones when they changed clothes.  “Voicemail.”  He stated when her voicemail picked up.  “Mum, look, Katy and I are okay.  We just got to do something okay?  We will try to be in touch.  Love you.”  He hung up.  “What now?”
            Katy swallowed.  “Now we go see someone.”  She stated.  After all you did not survive on the streets without some knowledge of the underside of society.  She walked into the library.  She smiled.  There was the librarian.  “Hello again Ma’am.”
            The librarian smiled.  “Katy.  I haven’t seen you in a long time.”
            “Had to move for a while, no big deal.  Back now for a bit.  But gots people looking for me ma’am.  Josh still hang upstairs?”
            The librarian looked at the eleven year old girl.  She nodded.  “Be careful dear.  I hope you know what you are doing.”
            “Always ma’am.”  She stated.  She then pulled out the picture she had of her aunt and another of Rob.  She was getting them out of the country the mundane way.  She knew they would be harder to trace if they stayed in the mundane world.  But for that they needed identities and access to a mundane only airport.  She moved upstairs to the study locations.  Josh was thirty year old genius.  Hacker.  He always made his money illegally.  She knocked on the door of the study room everybody knew was his office.
            The door opened.  “Well, well, well, if it isn’t little Katy.  Rumor was girl you got yourself out of this life.”
            Katy winced.  She did runs for him sometimes for a bit of cash.  “I just bounced out for a while.”
            “And brought someone back with you.”  Josh looked at Gaivan.  “He don’t look like no street rat Katy.”
            “New.   Sticking with me until he figures things out.”  She shrugged.  “He paid me the rest of his money to help him.  Couldn’t say nah now could I?”
            Josh chuckled.  “What is up?”
            “Got a couple that asked me about identities.  They need to bounce from the cops.”
            “How much they got?”
            “How much you need?”  Katy threw the packet on the table.
            Josh picked up the folder and saw the photos and names.  “I can get you a rush job and have them ready at closing for a cool grand.”
            “Four hundred.”  Katy started negotiating.
            Josh raised an eyebrow.  “Eight.”
            “Five fifty.”
            “Five seventy five.”
            “Deal.”  Josh put out his hand.
            Katy slapped half the money down in his hand.  “I will be back at closing with the other half.”
            Josh nodded.  “Later Katy.” 
            Gaivan was staring at Katy as they walked out.  “What was that?”
            “Gaivan you don’t live on the streets without learning a thing or two.  There is a different language on the streets.  It ain’t proper that is for sure.”  She drawled.  She had to pretend she didn’t leave.  She had to pretend that she had not started over.  One slip and her few contacts will be closed to her.
            Gaivan blinked.  “What other secrets do you have Katy?”
            Katy smirked.  “That is for me to know and the world to never find out.”  She moved quickly.  “We got about five hours before closing.  We should get something to eat.”  She counted their money.  Gaivan always carried a lot.  She rolled her eyes, he was spoiled to much at times.  “After a stop at the bank.”  She grabbed him and teleported to a bank outside of Marcus Valley.   She walked in and quickly went up to a dwarf.  “A hundred if you say we were never here.”
            The dwarf nodded.  “Key?”
            Katy presented the Poe key, Lua had given it to her just before end of second term after they had finished the latest lessons on how to be a Guard.
            The dwarf raised an eyebrow but nodded. “Poe.”  He stated and lead her to the vault.

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