Support of a Fellow Author

So as you know I am big on supporting other people and one of the people I support is Author A.L. Burgos and he is trying something new!  A weekly to bi-weekly blog that will be a new chapter each week on a book! A very interesting concept and one I have never tried, but the concept is fascinating!   Anyways I would like you to go support him and follow his blog, if you will please.  Click Here For In This Town by A.L. Burgos  Just go take a look and if it sounds interesting to you click the lovely follow button and enjoy!  In This Town by A.L. Burgos: Jason wants to start a new life after his wife died. He decides to move to a small town with his son and daughter but soon finds out that maybe it was a mistake. The town is full of deep dark secrets. He tries to keep to himself but is soon dragged into someones sick twisted game. He must obey or his family is in danger. Will he find out who is messing with him or will he lose this game

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