Blood And Water Excerpt

It has been a long time so here is a scene I wrote from  Blood and Water By Katherine Rochholz Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

” It was hours until dawn, but the day had been finished for hours, and I had to make a choice. I looked at my sleeping sons, so innocent in their sleep, my hand on my still flat stomach. My third child grew there. But the ware has starting. And did I turn my back on my beliefs ingrained in me since I was born or did I leave my husband and take up the spot as the leader of the rebels? I had been unofficially since the incident. Never have I had to make a bigger decision so long after the sunset and so far away from the dawn. But I knew I had to make a choice. And either way ti would go against something I stood for. Leave my husband or abandon my beliefs on freedom. My beliefs I fought for when I joined the Navy in 2001. I closed my eyes and a tear escaped. The last tear for my husband. I turned and quickly started to pack. Come morning I and my children would be gone. By the dawn he would know the choice I made. By the green light of dawn the Green Coats will have lost their First Lady and the Blue Coats will have gained their leader. And I will have made a decision so long after the sunset of a united nation and so far from the dawn of a new age of Unity.”

And Here is a second Excerpt just because I love you all! Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

“I stand in the field that used to feed the world now it is just a barren wasteland. The bombs have killed the land. I look up at the heavens as the rain falls. I close my eyes. It washes the blood from my hands and the dirt from my face. I finally look at the ground again and watch for awhile, as my heart rate returns to normal, the rain washing away the lives of the fallen. Blood. I look at and watch the watered down blood drip from them. The rain washes away the color, even from the land, but the blood, the life, remains on my hands and in this now barren land. My worst act and my greatest has killed this land I love so much. I hope one day when they write the history books the generation after the end of my life forgives me because as the rain washes away the evidence of the lives I have taken, as it washes away the red that stains my hands, I know I will never forgive myself. Because this war for freedom is my greatest achievement and my worst act. I close my eyes once more and I let the rain wash away the red of the blood that will forever stain my hands.”

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