Friday 11/02/12 NaNoWriMo Day 2


Second it was a fail day for NaNo only 200 words, but I will make it up this weekend.

And Finally my subject of the day: NaNoWriMo Rebels (my favorite rebels… okay okay so I am sucker for rebels in general!)

First what is a Rebel?


Some examples of rebellion projects done by Wrimos include:
Nonfiction books
Completing or adding on to previously started works
Graphic novels and other art projects
Unrelated fiction writing projects, none of which pass 50,000 words
Unrelated short stories (although this is debatable, as some short story anthologies consist of unrelated stories)
World and RPG developing
Video game scripts and code
Transcribing letters and journals
Rewriting and revising old projects
Outlines for novels or other projects

Rebels often use Nanowrimo’s frantic get-it-done energy to complete projects outside the initial scope intended by Chris Baty when he originally laid out the guidelines. Some even set the same word goal of 50,000 words or an equivalent (for example, an art project might involve 50 pictures). Whether or not to verify their word count and get the winner goodies is up to the rebel–some may choose to do so if they meet their goals, whereas others choose to leave their bars purple. While Rebels are acknowledged and welcomed by the OLL, there are no official Rebel-specific website tools or merchandise.

It should be noted that the following fall within the guidelines and are not considered Rebel projects:
Fanfiction/derivative works (Nano does not rule on the content, as long as it is fiction; in fact, as of 2012 there’s a fanfiction forum under Genre Lounges)
Fictional memoirs (again, as long as it is (mostly) fictional, it falls within guidelines)
Short stories with a common theme/setting/characters (related short stories are often published as anthologies in one book)
Rewriting an old work (as long as previously written prose is not used)

So There you are in a nutshell… Rebels are not cheaters!  They are Rebels!  The goal is simple to get your words on paper!!!!

Happy NaNo Everybody and Enjoy!

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