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Name of Work: Demonic Savior

Synopsis: One moment of love, forever changes Dani. She just was going to throw her sister, Malika, off at home. She never thought there was a whole other world out there, until she joins it. To protect her sister she gave her life. She was killed. She died. She was changed, by a creature she thought of as fiction. She is dead. Well, undead. But she does not thirst for mortal blood. As a gift the powers that be, for her unselfish love, they changed her thirst. She hungers for vampire blood, the blood of evil…. and she will hunt them and destroy them with every fiber of her undead being… Before the Vampire Elite destroys the very reason Dani still maintains her soul… Mialika… The daughter of a Virtue… and an Archangel… Dani must save her sister and the other children of the Angels to prevent the end of the world… In death she discovers the secrets of the past. In death she discovers her purpose in life. And in death she shall live!


“Who are you?” Dani asked the man that stood above the grave… stood above her grave.
“I am the darkness, that has invaded your soul.” The being responded.
Dani was confused. “What is your name?”
“You are not the one that killed me.”
“No, I am the one assigned to find you, to train you.”
“That is what the master wants.”
Dani looked at Zen. He was handsome. Young, maybe twenty. His eyes, the bluest things she had ever seen. They seemed to shine with life. “What am I?”
“A vampire.”
“Are you?”
“No, far from it.”
“Is your master the one that killed me?”
“No. My master is the one that wants to save you.”
“Because you shall save the children of angels.”
“Your sister is one.”
“Yes, she was given to your mother and father, adopted. She is the child of one of the seven virtues and an archangel.”
“And me? How do I figure into this? Besides being a monster now?” Dani hated what she was, vampires are demons. She did not want eternal life.
“You are the daughter of Lucifer himself. However you have a choice. You can choose to be on God’s side or Lucifer’s. That is why the child of Chastity was given to you, to be your sister. Malika, daughter of iven to you to help you with your choice, to sway you towards your true destiny.”
“What if I don’t want to choose? What of I don’t want this life?”
“You don’t have a choice. You must choose. I will be your trainer if you choose to side with God.”
“Zen, I should have known.” A dark gravely voice came from the shadows. “His highness always chooses his favorite.”
“Zeith.” Zen said in a way of greeting. “Zeith shall be your trainer if you choose to side with Lucifer.”
“Brother don’t sound so hurt about it.”
“Zeith we both choose a side. I choose our creator. You chose The Morning Star.”
“We have prophesized her. She will drain the mutts of angels and shall became Lucifer’s right hand, leading the vampires, leading the world into darkness…” Zeith lowered his voice. “For eternity…”
Dani sat on the ground shocked. She had just dug herself out of her grave. She was a vampire and she had to choose between good and evil…

Cover: OH WAIT!!!! You can’t see that yet! Look out I will have a cover reveal on Bex N’ Books Blog (Click Here) sometime in November! I will let you know when!

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