Love Hate and the World Goes Round

Coming September 14th to an EReader near you!!!!!

This is a collection of poems, short stories, and a novel by Katherine Rochholz.

It includes the first story of The Chronicles of Battle:
Hello, my name is simple; you hear it every day,you know you do without even knowing it,my name is Battle; well that is what they call me now.But once upon a time before my life changed,when I was young, my parents had named me Katrina. My grandma and grandpa called me Kat, and I was naive, that was then and then is what shaped my life today. So come on my journey with me and I will tell you how I ended up here. Where is here? I am laying here with a stake in my chest, releasing Hell upon Earth.
Come listen to the stories of an ancient slayer turned vampire… Listen to my stories, learn from the mistakes
of the past…. So when Earth gets her second chance… Humanity does not fail a second time…

It also includes the first three stories of the
I Am Death Saga. “I am Death… And I am your father.” These are the words that all reapers hear upon their 18th birthday. They are cursed to a life of death. They must take the souls of mortals to judgment, never being judged themselves. Their only salvation is another soul. One created just for them. A soul to love them. A soul that shall save them from a life of death…

The novel that is included is “From an Unholy Union”
One young woman, thought to be dead, will change the order of the supernatural world, Katrina. But she has only an echo of a soul. So to over come the evil ruling the supernatural world she has to find her true love and gain her soul. Then she will have fight, for not only her life, but the lives of the ones whoare trying to kill her. From An Unholy Union She Shall Rise…

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