Antonio Cuin MacCathmhaoi Sr.

Antonio Cuin MacCathmhaoil Sr. was born to his parents Cuin Ross MacCathmhaoil and Hera Suzanna (MacBride) MacCathmhaoil on March 30th, 1713. He studied at Cleopatra’s Magical Institute, where is father worked as a professor of Potions. He graduated in 1732, and studied under Potions Master Cuin Ross MacCathmhaoil, Pyrokinesis Master Alexandra Latta, and Herbology Master LaVonne De Medici. While studying under Master De Medici, he discovered Bridett’s School for the Magical Arts, as that is where she taught, upon completing his years to master his chosen subjects, he applied for the position as Potions Professor in 1770. He received the position where he met the Healing Professor James Porter, who introduced Antonio to his daughter, Sandra Porter, who was studying Healing under her father.  For Antonio it was love at first sight.  Antonino asked for permission to court Sandra.  James was quite happy with the arrangement, however Sandra was not.  She denied her feelings for Antonio, until a horrible accident.  Sandra had been traveling with her Electrokinesis master, when they were attacked by a group of witch hunters.  They were about to burn her at the stake when Antonio showed up, he prevented the fire from touching her, teleporting her from the scene.  Upon teleporting her back to the school, her father found out the reason they had been able to catch her was a rouge potion master had provided the villagers with a drug to bind the witches powers.  Antonio was furious, he hunted down the Warlock responsible, finding out it was a former friend from school, Hayden Burton.  He went to the local Guardian’s and had Burton thrown into to Dastardly where he still resides to this day for his crimes against the magical community.  Upon returning from Cairo, Antonio stayed by Sandra’s side while she healed.  Sandra fell in love, and soon Antonio was asking for Jame’s permission to marry Sandra.  They were married on September 20th, 1795.  Sandra continued her studies.  They were unsuccessful for many years in conceiving though they wanted a large family.  They were going to look into adoption when they found out on their 196th anniversary that they were going to have a child.  Antonio Jr. was born on March 25th 1992.  They bought a lovely town house in New York City soon after Antonio Jr.’s birth.  On December 30th 2012 they accepted Katherine Lillian Fitz into their home, being granted guardianship on December 27th, 2013.  Antonio Sr. was one of the first to be told about the events that unfolded at the end of Katy Lily’s first year.  He finally came to accept the events that happened.  To Be Continued…

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