Erin O’Hara – O’Conaill

Erin O’Hara was born on March 21st 1070, to Agnes Bridget (McBride) O’Hara and to Bernard Christopher O’Hara. Her mother was the witch of the village, they came to her for everything she was a Healer. Her father was human, and was killed by a monster. Erin O’Hara was raised by her mother and schooled at a local magical school Dublin’s School for the Magical Arts. She is a Spirit Elemental. She graduated in 1091. She studied under her mother who was a Healing Master, as well as Divination Master Madam Catherine Campbell, and Electrokinesis Master Sara O’Cuinn. She found out during her 20 years trying to master her skills that her father was killed by a werewolf, so she talked her sister Arima O’Hara into joining her on a hunting trip to find the wolf that killed their father. Arima agreed. They were close on the wolves trail, when they were attacked by the back. Arima was dying, Erin could not lose her so she preformed a dark magic spell causing her to become in immortal. It drained all color from Arima’s skin leaving her pale white, it also changed Erin’s skin to a deep dark chocolate, since the spell was considered the darkest of magic. The pack head was going to kill Erin, but his son, Evan O’ Conaill fell for her, upon laying his eyes on her. So he bit her, turning her to an immortal werewolf. Erin took many years convincing that they only kill when hunted. That they were not the monsters that myths made them out to be. Erin agreed to marry him in 1125. They moved to America where they both got jobs at Bridgett’s School for the Magical Arts, and soon Erin and her sister-in-law opened Madam Wolf Divination shop in Marcus Village. Erin missed Arima and convinced her to come to America where she too got a job at the school. Erin left the school for the meeting of the werewolves where they argued about who to follow. But in the end Erin and Evan were able to convince the wolves to swear their loyalty to the side of Goodness. And to fight the Darkness that was coming the world’s way. TO BE CONTINUED…

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