Camp NaNoWriMo!!!

In a few days I am going to start NaNoWriMo and on my facebook page I am allowing my fans to choose my story 🙂   Comment with the one you want to see 🙂

Blurb 1: Remember Copyright 2012 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved
“I walked through the stones at my local cemetery looking for just one. But the ghosts knew I was there, they talked in my ear, telling me of their stories and the one I searched for was far from my grasps, as all who lived in this small cemetery had the right for their stories to be heard. These are their stories, as well as my own, as I search for who these lost souls were, and who I am.
My name? I don’t know. That is the problem. I woke up in the hospital with no identity, no family, no nothing. However I did find out one thing. I see ghosts. Well just not ghost but everything supernatural. So why am I in this cemetery? Because the last ghost told me to find a tombstone. A very specific tombstone… My tombstone.”

Blurb 2: Remember Copyright 2011 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved
“Katyla, is responsible for one of the worst creations of the supernatural world… she created a race of Vampires… She lived as a ruler until she met a young Wiccan, whom her son had fallen in love with, and she was shown the errors of her ways. She fought to change the laws of her vampiric race, but her best friend who ruled by her side would not allow it. He destroyed her life. He killed her son in front of her, he killed her pregnant daughter in law, her life destroyed before her. But she placed a curse upon Argos, her former best friend. Cursed him with the fact her son, Marcus, would be reborn and when he was of age he would remember the things Argos had done, and would raise his army once more and finally destroy Argos and his way of life. Watch as Marcus once more lives and Katyla is on a mission to not only save her son’s life once more, but try to save the human race…”

Blurb 3: Copyright 2012 Katherine Rochholz All Rights Reserved
“The icy air was cutting into her lungs, just as the ice, snow and gravel was cutting into her back. I just kept watching, there was nothing I could do, though I am an angel, I could not stop this attack. She was trying to keep her eyes away from his face. From looking at him, for seeing the blackness of his eyes, and the jagged tooth smile he had while he hurt her. It was a demon straight from hell, they have the power to leave hell and destroy. I was an angel and could not leave. She was about to give up. I felt it. So I fell. I destroyed the demon. I heard the sirens then nothing. God had chosen my fate. I would remember nothing. I would remain forever a Fallen Angel.”

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