Attention Peeps, Magical Followers, and Hunters . We need to band together and get a facebook page and also website taken down and reported as many times as we can. Reason? Is because this site is letting ANY READER DOWNLOAD EBOOKS for FREE WITHOUT THE AUTHORS PERMISSION. Authors work hard for their money and this site is STEALING them and reproducing them for free. I know as an author I am furious at this!!! It’s illegal and needs to be stopped now. This is the site … http://www.facebook.com/tuebl Please REPORT THEM, share this with friends and ask them to REPORT THEM as well. Lets get this page and website taken down and show our support for the amazing authors who writes additive books that we love to read  The owners of the page is saying that he has a legal right to do this, though all international laws state copyright infringement is illegal.  He says because he is in Canada he is not bound by laws.  The people who support him have been coming back saying it is just like going to the library.  That is wrong.  They are downloading books to keep and not borrow and without author’s permission.  If you want to borrow a book ebook or otherwise got your library, that way the author has been paid or got to amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com they allow you to sample the book, or even lend the book and borrow!!!!!  Please do right and buy the book, or borrow from a library or from the websites directly that way the authors get paid, or they have given authorization to share their work.  This site does not get author authorization and is doing this illegally ♥ ~Kati    

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