Some Nights

Some Nights I Stay Up Cashing In My Bad Luck
Some Nights I Call It A Draw

This is from the song Some Nights by Fun…

I was introduced to them through a friend on Facebook.  I can’t imagine not listening to them now.  They are a big Indie band and This song… It it is me… Not many songs are, I use to be an introvert to the extreme.  My writing and publishing has helped somewhat but I still feel very awkward talking to people, especially about myself.  But some nights…. it is like the world is on Fire, and change is in the air.  Some nights I wonder if I am fooling myself with my writing… Other nights I want my words to bury themselves into someone’s heart.  I feel like giving up at times, but I get up the next minute, the next hour, the next day, the next month, or how about 14 years…. I stopped writing 14 years ago because someone didn’t like what I wrote.  The fool was me.  I know this now, I should have never stopped, it brings a calm to my soul that has been missing for a long time.  What got me writing again?  And serious about it?  My dad died.  He was 50.  And my world fell apart.  The one person I could count on, the one person who I knew wouldn’t laugh at this silly little dream of mine.  Who would have supported me, unlike others that I would die for.  He was the person anybody could count on.  I was angry for a long time, almost 2 years before I picked up my pen again.  I was sitting at my cousin’s house.  My brother was flipping through a Harry Potter book (I have yet to read them all in fact 2 weeks ago I just read book 1 and 2) and my brother asked me what happened to Katy Lily.  He told me that if this Harry Potter chick can get published, or that Twilight chick can, you can.  So I picked up my pen again.  I don’t have the support from my family, in fact they think it is stupid most of time, waste of money all the time. But I get up and march forward.  Will I be the next J.K. Rowling?  I doubt it, but will I have some fans?  I hope so.  Writing saves my soul…

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