Morbid Seraphic Rview

“Even the divine have a dark side…”
Take a journey into a world where the forgotten reign as King and Queen. Explore a “reality” where the divine give meaning and substance to the concept of IMMORTALITY. These menacing tales feature beings of divinity from angels, demons, gods, goddesses, to personifications of divine principals. No other worldly being is safe. The sparkly undead and wild shaggy dogs have no place in this anthology of dark proportions. ..
Can you handle it?

Morbid Seraphic, was an amazing read! I really enjoyed it. I am a big fan of good v. evil, I tend to write darker, so thus I tend to read good v. evil when I read the supernatural genre. Haven’t been reading for a while because I have been working on my own books, but I am glad I read this. Each story is written by a different author and each story unique and dark, and perfect for someone who enjoys short stories. Read one and then come back for more later. I am looking forward to seeing more books like this one; I love darker elements in writing. “The Demon’s Playground” by Amanda R. Browning was one of my faves. I would urge you if you are not of the faint of heart and like tales with a darker twist to check this out!!!

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