Stay Up To 7AM

Don’t get me wrong, I love to stay up and read and right and will stay up until at least 5am writing normally on my ‘weekends’ it is later like 8am, (I work 2nd shift at my ‘day job’ and have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off instead) and lately I have been having weird dreams…. really weird…. some of them I wrote down for an idea for a short story or part of one of my many novel ideas.  But last night took the cake, I was, oh I don’t know why, in Dallas (I love Dallas) but I saw this image and trust me I am going to try to repeat this image (it would be a great cover)  and I was trying to buy this image from this guy, then we went into a planning mode… ummm…. let’s just say computer and illegal and gov’t…. then I was in an airport going home with my whole family and they went through my purse then threw it to the crowd of course I panicked my back up drive was in there… well the next thing I know we are driving to the plane (instead of walking I don’t ask questions) with my mom and sister and I asked them if they grabbed my computer and they said no and said it was my life on that computer, I was talking about my writings …. then I woke up…. interesting….  So either I need to stop staying up until after 7 or I need to figure out what these dreams mean and live with it…

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