Wesley Montoya Solomon (Spoiler for those who have not read book 1)

Wesley Montoya Solomon Born to parents Wesley Richard Solomon and Rose Anne (Williams) Solomon on February 2nd, 1835. He quickly knew that he had a thirst for power and his father being a warlock that believed that the path to true power lay in black magic, he quickly learned to preform the darkest spells. he was suspended from Bridgette’s School for Magical Arts many many times during his ten years there. He went on to study under Master Jack Johnson for Magical Defense, Master Joesph Abrahms for Aerokinesis and his own father Master Wesley Solomon for Elements. He was caught preforming black magic in 1997. He spent 5 years in Dastardly. STOP READING NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BOOK ONE SPOILERS FOLLOW:

When he got out he plotted with his brother Richard Solomon to kill Richard’s unborn child as the baby was prophecized to bring an end to their power. Senka had run off with the child, bringing an end to that plan for the moment. He continued to rule the world of black magic, using his powers to become richer than any other male in his line. He even killed his own father in 1999, to gain the title to the Solomon Mansion. He discovered Katy Lily’s existence in 2012 when she started school and quickly told his nephew Riley that she was the evil one that she had to be destroyed. He got Riley to bring her to the mansion where he had taken her to the underground dungeon to kill her. His plan backfired when she was stronger than he could imangine and was killed instead, bringing an end to his evil plans. He was killed by Katherine Lillian Fitz’s Shield on December 16th, 2012.

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