Jane Nancy Hepburn

Jane Nancy Hepburn- Was born Jane Nancy Whiteson on March 21st, 1817.  She was born to her parents Dante Christopher Whiteson and Nancy Elizabeth Whiteson.  She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a medicine woman.  When she she got to school she realized that her patients would just be the creatures of the magical world.  She graduated with honors from Bridgette’s School of Magical Arts on December 15th, 1838.  From there she trained under Creature Master Peter St. Paul, Electrokinesis Master Alicia Kinarde, and Healing Master Oswald Perez.  She became a Master on February 2nd, 1864.  She promptly moved up at Creature Care, the magical world’s leading hospital for magical creatures.  She became head of the hospital on June 15th, 1974.  She met Edgar Allan Hepburn when he brought a baby unicorn that had been injured by poachers.  They dated and eventually the sly man got her to marry him on June 27th, 1983.  On July 30th 1996 their first son Jerome Allan Hepburn was born.  On August 14th,  2002 their son Gaivan Joesph Hepburn was born.  To Be Continued…

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