Okay it has been awhile!

Okay I have year two completed, year two and three will make up book 2, as far as year four it might be thrown in there so it may be a long book, the reason is that year 9 and 10 will be one book, i know that know as the events of those two years are too connected to rip apart. Year 5 will be a big book for me, not in the sense that it will be long, but in the sense that some big events will happen, year six and seven might be combined with eight, at this point i am not 100% not sure, but there will be somewhere between 5 and 6 books in this series, but we shall see…  right now back to NaNoWriMo just at about 41k words!!!!!!  Also there will be a composite book of poems and short stories coming out at the end of the year beginning of next and in Jan I will have a book signing at The Cellar in Waterloo, IA Book Launch party!  Book 2 of Katy Lily will be published sometime after the new year, and book one of Katy Lily will soon be available in paperback via Lulu.com!!!!!

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