Okay there was this person tried to kill a child broke into the rich persons house, hired us, we decided to act like teenagers and go back to school. This was no normal school it was one of witchcraft. We got there to register, it was divided by rich and poor. We went to the poor, but realized when told we should have gone to the rich. We went and started to register on the computer, but classes started. We went to the media center, the person there was a psychic and a powerful witch. She had white eyes. We were looking around and in this one book when she attacked. We were able to get another couple of teachers to help restrain her, she went lax. We got a lead from a vision she had and went to follow it. The room was 92B. We were almost their when we realized it was the forbidden area, and called the head master. He was trying to kill us. When we restrained him a black puff of cloud came out of his mouth and entered another. We restrained him by himself. And sat to figure out what to do. We realized that the entity was trying to corrupt the innocent, the children, when it couldn’t find an available child it went to a good adult. So we brought in a corrupt person and put him in front of the one who we trapped, and opened a small door. Glad to escape the entity entered the evil person. But the evil person was happy to have it in him. The entity could not escape because it was trapped, or threatened. The evil person left, controlling the entity. And me and the headmistress went to sit down. Early she had given be a box of books, they were written by relatives, she told me she was related to the writers as well, meaning we were related somehow. We sat down and talked movies and books, stating I like the books better then the movies, but still read the book before I see the movie. Then I woke up.

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