You know I was just thinking about people in my life, or lack thereof depending on your point of view. People I went to school with, my friends, most people my age in general are married or divorced or engaged or at least have a baby… so the question is what is wrong with me, I will be 27 in 2 months and I still have no real urge to settle down, yes I wouldn’t mind being in a relationship, but to fully settle down, to never travel like my plans were, that I am not ready for, I still want to do a huge trip across Europe- London, Paris, someplace in Spain, someplace in Germany, Rome, Florance, Sicily- hell then go further- Egypt, Moscow, The Great Wall of China, Toyko- then I stop and think… about do I really want to stay in Iowa… I would love to live in NYC or LA or even Chicago… I would love to go back to school, but I still don’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life… then I stop and think about how short life is, how I have all these plans do everything I want then settle down… but what if I don’t have the time to do so… life is so short… how you choose what is most important… what do you have to do in this life to fill satisfied… what if you can’t choose… what if you want everything… I don’t know anymore

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