Okay Obama went out and did the wreath but a little rain and he cancels his speech honoring the veterans??????? He could have moved it in some where I get the storms in the Midwest are bad but come on you know it rains in the midwest every memorial day, he should have had a back up plan the speech should have been made some how, even if it was only a few words. Does this man have so little respect, we know his wife does not any respect, I mean she wears white on veterans day memorial, white is for celebration, to honor someone she should have wore a more somber color, not white! But he is the president he should show some more respect and his wife needs to show more as well, she is the first lady she is just not the person sleeping with the president! The first lady has some effect on the gov’t no matter what anybody says, a wife is always going to influence the husband! If he wants to be reelected in a couple of years he is going to have to learn to show respect where it is needed, and he needs to take a good look at what the VA is doing I mean people out there are getting money for nothing they barely make past boot camp then pretend to be crazy and get a section 8 and then gets a shit load of money that is way to wrong where people like my grandfathers and my father who did their time gets a bronze plaque when they die and a flag for their widows. That is so wrong! I hope one day somebody realizes that the veterans need to be treated better there should be no homeless vets there should be no hungry vets there should be no vet without health care THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY HARDSHIP TO A VET! I wish I could do more, I would love to get inside the gov’t and change things the way they should be. We are one of the richest most powerful nation and we can’t fix the problems in our own country? I believe we need to be concerned with the world, but we need to focus on ourselves and how we treat the citizens of this nation.

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