Christmas is coming up quickly and I can’t believe it and the hole in our family is more pronounced I actually had to stop myself from crying, I was thinking about what to buy everybody and I realized that I really want nothing to do with this Holiday this year, it hurts to much, you know my favorite Christmas gift ever, the one I remember more then anything was the kitchen set that my dad made me, I don’t know how old I was but we had it for years and I thought it was the best thing in the world, better then the one on TV that I asked for it was huge it have a counter a sink a stove a microwave a fridge I wish I still had it, it was the best gift ever in my memory the one I remember the most out of all the gifts I have ever got in my life, I can’t even tell you what I got last year, I insist on buying gifts this year to me it is one thing normal for me to spend money on my siblings and get them something they want it just gives me one thing that is normal, in this one huge messed up world.

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