December 4th

December 4th… Yesterday my dad would have been 51, there was so many things I would have bought him or wanted to buy him, actually since I would have saved up a lot more money thing I have I would have given him either the special editon beatles set for his birthday or christmas and the record to cd recorder for the other, mom would have gotten a mother’s ring, I would have actually most likely have given him the record to cd recorder for his birthday because then he could have the song Ain’t No UFO Going to Catch My Disel on a cd since was going to drive a semi, instead it was flowers on his grave, and christmas is coming up I know dad never liked christmas he put on his show for us kids, this year he is with his parents and my brothers but it doesn’t stop me from wishing I could go back to Aug 15th and do something so he was here today…. anyways later

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