Okay so I have an issue with Twilight most who know me know I am obsessed with vampires, but don’t know how much, I have read almost every vampire book, research the folklore on them, if I could I would become an expert in vampires, werewolves, and other things… anyways the book and the movie, (yes I finished them back off you can’t review something if you don’t read or watch it, which means you can’t belittle it or burn it!) The movie gets an F sorry I just can’t give something good grade if they can’t at least somewhat keep to the books main points, they interpreted a lot in the movie, and some scenes may have been better left alone enough said on that, did not like the movie, but others out there did. (I will get to the vampires in a moment calm down). Okay the main thing that gets me (in the book and the movie another reason the movie gets in F) and why I give the book a D+, the vampires… no where I mean nowhere… are there vampires who sparkle, I can forgive the fact that they come out in the sun, some very good books and movies allowed them to, and a lot of folklore give it to the pale skin why they can not come out and it diminished their powers, research it if you don’t believe me, I can even forgive the rip off parts from other movies, books, and other media matrial but what I can’t is that the sun does nothing to them but make them sparkle in this book and movie… can’t stand it, and really the characters in the book a million times better then in the movie, I can almost stand the book, but some part of me can’t get past the who destroying the myth of the vampire thing, I mean I have researched a lot of myths, on creation, on how they live, but come on make them sparkle? Vampires should have a fear factor about them, and the sparkle thing just wants to make me laugh at the stupid stupid vampire… vampires should as I said have some fear factor about them, not that they can’t be funny, but really how can you fear that? Other then that if you take out that stupid part, the story line is the basic for most recent vampire loves a human story line, with a few complications, like come on, you say you love this girl but you don’t want to be with her forever?????? Turn her end of story, anyways as a pro I guess you could say the story line does seem to flow with a few key action parts, so if you can forget about the rip off parts, and the sparkle factor you may have a couple of hours of entertainment, but buy in hardcover, spend the 7 on the paper back if you want to buy other then that checkout at the library or borrow a copy! Also I will not grade or write about New Moon until after the movie comes out, I will do both the movie and book at the same time for this again, please do no take offense but I have strong opinions and they are going to get on peoples’ nerves.

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