Mom bought me Season 4 of BONES!!!!!!! I get to go home and watch the new show tonight, and Eastwick and Modern Family and FlashFoward and Cougertown and… DOLLHOUSE!!!!!!! I have to buy season one of that…. I am hoping for a few good days of weather so they can put dad’s stone in… it is weird having to worry about that… there was oatmeal raisin cookies today I grabed one for dad to take home… he loved those cookies and anytime I found them I would grab at least one for him… I go in to Kwik Star and stop myself from buy lotto scratch tickets I would buy them for him all the time, I can’t actually believe I am saying this but I miss the smell of his cigarettes, I would be buying him peeps and those peanut butter kisses… all this halloween candy… I try to go aobut my day as normal but it is hard and nothing will be normal again… anyways still no understanding about my weird dreams… and they are weird….

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